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Vivian Fawole

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Vivian Fawole is the Editor-In-Chief at colliecare.com.

Her goal is to provide accurate and reliable dog information to people from all over the world.

Vivian is an amazing mum to an adorable red standard poodle, Sansa Maple.

Vivian is a dog lover that knows a lot about many dog breeds, and she enjoys learning about dogs.

She also enjoys sharing her expert knowledge on dogs with other dogs lovers. Vivian is a nurse by profession.

She cherishes caring for people as much as she does for dogs.

You can contact her at info[at]iconanalytics.com

She will like to hear from you and from your pet!

Lynda Taylor

Lynda Taylor with 2 dogs

Lynda’s background as a dog trainer and behaviorist spans over thirty years. For the last twelve years, she has also worked as a university lecturer, teaching applied animal behavior and practical training skills. She holds an MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Training (Distinction). She is also being qualified as a teacher.

But, that all aside, she is a dog lover! She has competed in agility, flyball and obedience with a range of breeds including Border Collies. She also foster for a local rescue. These are usually dogs with fear issues, so Lynda helps them to become more confident in life and ready to move on to their permanent homes.

Learn more about Lynda here

Natasha Peters

Natasha P.

Natasha is from the Republic of Ireland but she grew up in the UK. 

She grew up with working border collies on a farm and currently have an 18 month old rough coated tri colour border collie of her own.

Natasha is very active in border collie groups online which includes lots of input from vets and experienced owners. 



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