How Fast Border Collies Can Run

Quick Links: Table of Contents How Fast the Border Collie Can Run How to Make Your Border Collie Run Fast Speed of Border Collie Compared to Other Dog Breeds How Fast the Border Collie Can Run Compared to Other Mammals Conclusion on How Fast the Border Collie Can Run How Fast the Border Collie Can … Read more

How to Travel with Border Collie on an Airplane (Travel Crate Size Calculator)

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2022 Quick Links: Table of Contents Can Border Collies Fly in-Cabin? Can the Border Collie Fly in the Cargo Hold? Is It Safe to fly Border Collie in-Cargo? Border Collie Crate Size Calculator Flying Your Border Collie on Southwest Airlines Flying your Border Collie on American Airlines Flying Your Border Collie … Read more

How To Take Care of A Border Collie

Border Collie Care

Border collies are still often used as working sheep or farm dogs. However, they have become more common as guide and therapy dogs over the last decade. Caring for a border collie as a family pet requires patience, time. Importantly Border Collie owners should have the willingness to stimulate this intelligent breed’s brain and exercise … Read more

Good Names For Border Collies (+Naming Guide)

border collie names

How To Pick a Name for a Border Collie Border collies are very intelligent dogs, agile, athletic, hardworking dogs that originate from the  Anglo-Scottish border region. Therefore border collies are usually given names that are of Anglo-Scottish origin. Furthermore, border collies are given names that reflect the intelligence and agility of this beautiful dog breed. Also, … Read more